Beginners Audacity Guide To Record & Edit Audio

Hi everyone kevin here today i want to show you how you can use audacity with audacity you can both record and edit audio it’s free it’s open source and it works on all major platforms including windows mac and linux if you want to jump around this video i’ve included timestamps down below to help you understand how audacity works i’m going to be pulling together a radio commercial for the kevin cookie company i’ll record it and then i’ll also go through and edit you can follow along if you’d like my goal is by the end of this video you’ll have comprehensive knowledge of how you can both record and also edit using audacity all right let’s jump on the pc and let’s start out with how you can even get audacity to download audacity head to the website i’ve also included a link in the description down below you can just click on that once you land on the home page you’ll see a prominent button for download audacity click on that this will drop you on the download page it’ll automatically determine what operating system you’re on and here it’ll kick off a download of the exe once it finishes downloading click on the exe and run through the install process once you’ve finished downloading and installing audacity launch the application that’ll drop you into a brand new project and you’ll see a screen that looks like this we have a whole bunch of different menus across the top we also have all of these different buttons and throughout this tutorial we’ll dig into what you can do with some of these before we start recording some audio or before we even import some audio into audacity first we need to configure a few settings for the project.

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