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Website World Wide Web ToolsCreating success whilst building businesses whilst also having fun. So what I’m gonna be talking to you about today is my take on marketing Website World Wide Web Tools, which is gonna be slightly disruptive. I’m gonna be throwing an awful lot of different ideas at you, and I’m hopefully going to change, not just one or two of your perceptions around marketing but all of your perceptions around marketing, and your approach to marketing. Does that sound pretty cool? But first, I want you to do something for me.

If you don’t do this for me I’m not gonna give you my talk. Okay, so stand up all of you. Now if you have got my book, take your shot, and left a review you have my permission to sit down. Website World Wide Web Tools online. Okay, so if you have got my book and not yet left a review please put your hand up. Oh! That hurts, you guys can sit down too.

So, this is why I don’t really need to give myself much of an introduction. So there are a few fantastic people here who don’t have my book yet. But what I want you to do if you want a copy of my book just go to that address, write it, you can sit down now. Write this address down typos promo and once you’ve filled in that little form just come and show me before the end of the day and I’ll give you a copy of my book. Okay and those of you who didn’t leave a review. Okay so that’s it Website World Wide Web Tools, so what is marketing? So everybody’s perceptions of marketing. Marketing is about Facebook groups, it’s about Twitter, it’s about your website, it’s about youtube, it’s about flier drops, it’s about email newsletters.

It’s about Facebook ads, it’s about networking events, it’s about Instagram. Who agrees with me, that’s what marketing is all about. Yeah? A few people nodding going yeah. Now you all know where this is going, most of you who know me, it’s all bullshit, it’s not true at all. So this is where the magical marketing mystery machine comes in. Magical marketing mystery machine looks a little bit like that, we don’t really know what it spits out but it’s got a funnel and we put stuff into it. So we chuck in mail chimp, youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, vlogging kit for beginners, Twitter, and our website. Facebook ads, we shove all of those into our magical marketing mystery machine basically into our funnel. And that creates customers right? Yeah, creates clients. Every time, all the time isn’t it? So we’ve got all this content out there and we’ve got clients, that’s marketing, right? No, marketing is not any of those things.

Those are just tools that we use in marketing. Okay, this is the first thing I want you to get your heads around. Those are just tools used in marketing. The process of marketing is actually very different. If you remember the hopper there, that nice shiny silver hopper there, actually the hopper for most businesses looks like that. Does anybody know what that is? It’s a muck spreader, and it sprays marketing shit all over potential prospects. [laughing] so just a very quick marketing 101 for you. By the way, I’m gonna make all of these slides available for you just for the people in the room today.

Not in the Facebook group. I’m gonna send a PDF out by the Eventbrite listings okay. So that you will get a copy of this. Basically marketing 101, identify your target market, makes sense, you all know that. Where do they hang out? So very simply we’ve gotta actually get a bit stalky and start to understand our clients really really well. Most people don’t take the time to go through these basic steps in their businesses. So, we just start producing content. And that’s it, they told us to do Facebook ads, and we just start doing Facebook ads.

We haven’t actually taken the time to work out who we’re targeting those Facebook ads at. We just chuck out a blog article we haven’t taken the time to do some research to work out who that blog article is actually aimed at. So we’re going to Website World Wide Web Tools slow the process down, and start to know our clients a bit better. We’re gonna go to them, and we’re gonna make it easy.

So we do need to know exactly where they hang out, because we need to be in front of them, and not just once or twice, who’s tried Facebook ads and it didn’t work? Yeah, who’s tried email marketing and it didn’t work? Yeah, who’s tried blogging and it didn’t work? Okay, the reason why it doesn’t work is that most of us try it once. And we’re actually we’re not experts in Facebook advertising, we’re not experts in email marketing, using mail chimp, not experts copywriters and bloggers.

These three numbers, I want you all to write them down, right now everybody. Seven eleven four. Stands for seven hours of engagement, plus eleven touchpoints, and four locations. So, most of us do our marketing based on these touchpoints. We’ll get a brochure and a website, social media platforms, a youtube channel,s and different marketing channels set up. But the reality is nobody is gonna buy your products or services unless they’ve had seven hours of engagement with you. And it’s not me making these numbers up. Google did a study with all their gazillion bits of data. It’s now in a book called zero moments of truth. Okay Website World Wide Web Tools, they said if we don’t engage prospects for seven hours, it’s unlikely we’re gonna get them as clients. So imagine you come to a networking event, a bit like trout net, and you’ve got a business card. And you talk to somebody for five or ten minutes this morning, and you exchange business cards.

Website World Wide Web Tools

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